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Giving back to the community

Hi all! It's Mark here. After my first week of knocking on doors I have already met and spoken with a large cross-section of Orange residents. One of the most striking conversations I have had so far is about the Orange Volunteer Fire Department. We all know what a valuable service they provide, but what I didn't realize is that sometimes they feel underappreciated in our community. I am proud of the fine men and women who donate their time to protect our homes and I feel fortunate to have such a dedicated group who put our safety first.

We have all received tickets in the mail for the annual Firemen’s Carnival Raffle. Let's show our support and appreciation for the OVFD by purchasing a book of tickets (directions are enclosed in the mailer from the OVFD) to help support their fundraising efforts. You can also visit their website here for more details. I know I'll be purchasing mine, and I personally look forward attending the Carnival in August and getting to meet more of you in person!

Thank you for welcoming me into your homes and I look forward to meeting many more Orange residents over the next few months.

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