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We can have MORE

  • More economic development

  • More programs for our children and families

  • More services for our seniors

  • More cultural and recreational opportunities for all 

  • More new ideas and collaboration

Mark's Vision for Orange

Orange is a wonderful town, and Mark wants to ensure that it continues to flourish for all who live here. Orange can be even better than it already is. That'll happen by creating more ways to attract a variety of businesses, more community activities, and paying more attention to families. Mark's vision includes engaging with residents and giving them opportunities to get more involved in a wide range of community happenings. 


Having a solid management plan, where residents know the what, when, why, who, and how of town operations will help us provide more services for residents and attract more businesses. Let's choose a strong leader who has extensive business knowledge, integrity, empathy, and an engaging, approachable personality. Mark is that leader!


Mark's vision includes providing more transparency, communication, and information from Town Hall. Whether through digital, print, OGAT, or other media, Mark will strive to drastically improve communication between Town Hall and residents of Orange.


It's time to move our town forward. In recent years, Orange has become more diverse, both culturally and demographically. Our town’s leader should strive to continually improve the quality of life for all residents. Mark is committed to sharing updates on what's happening at Town Hall; considering all perspectives; and getting more done for all of our residents.

Get More With Moyher

Get More With Moyher encapsulates what Mark will do as First Selectman. Orange is a special place to live, and Mark plans to bring even more services, businesses, and community enhancements to our town. We should stop the habit of settling for complacency when we deserve more! We should not accept the excuse of “we’ve always done it this way” when there are more proactive and innovative ways to foster progress.


We Deserve

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